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Nick Vitols also known as "Winters" is a Bay Area native who spent most of his years Writing/Recording/ and Performing all different genres of music. Although he was interested throughout the years,  It wasn't til Feb of 2015 he jumped fully into the Photography and Arts world.

He had collected different types of Vintage Radios over time and had the idea to photograph them in different settings, and with different themes, calling it "Winters Radio Project" and sharing them through social media sites, This hobby grew quick and now they are being sold on canvas through his website.

After about a year of photographing the Radio's,  he took the next step and started doing photo shoots with friends and beginning models, needing a bigger platform to be able to express himself more and in bigger ways. It hasn't been easy for him due to his unique and edgy, but different style,  and not fitting in to a specific category.  He is now currently building his portfolio and trying to make a name for himself in the photography world calling it "Project Winters Photography".

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